Update for 8/01/2020

Current weight: 105.5kg

Motivation is good today. I woke up at 7:30am and did my 30 minute routine, which primarily consisted of squats, planks, a few lunges and I tried a few back straightening exercises. I will prioritize those directly after my squats from tomorrow on. They look both incredibly difficult (burn calories) and might fix up my bad posture.

I kept to the similar food as yesterday. I cooked scrambled eggs for breakfast, which I shared with Jas. I ate Greek salad and chicken for lunch and a wrap for dinner.

I did have a Pepsi around lunch time, and 2 coffees throughout the day. I noticed last night that the per-workout I had before the gym made it difficult to sleep, so I’m going to avoid that going forward. I also snacked on a few m&ms after dinner (naughty me) .

I went for a walk to get my watches current goal of 6000 steps. I have set it to 10k now, so I don’t use it as an excuse to slack off.

I am a bit sore today, mainly in my chest after my first gym session yesterday. Legs are sore but good. I think I’m getting used to the morning routines + walking.

Plan for tomorrow is, morning routine, walk to the shops to buy a salad, walk at lunch (if its not raining), gym at night before dinner. Meals will be scrambled eggs for breakfast, greek salad and chicken wings for lunch and another wrap for dinner. I have a Pepsi Max in the fridge, which I will only reward myself with if I do those 3 exercises and keep to that diet.