Update for 7/01/2020

Current weight: 106kg

Motivation is growing again. I recently weighed myself and after a weekend of drinking, and eating poorly I ended up much higher than where I started. This has inspired me to be more disciplined. For me to reach my goals I need to remain focused on weekends, so for the next couple months, I wont be going out drinking or eating junk food.

Fitness is getting there. I road my mountain bike at lunch today, and was able to do 2 laps of the terrain park without feeling like I needed to die. I also went to the gym after work for the first time. Legs are feeling good, sore but good. I think the morning routines are working out after all, even with the lack of consistency. I want to continue doing them, every day from now on. Gym sessions will be Mondays and Thursdays, after this week.

This morning I had 2 large glasses of water, with 6 fish oil tablets.
For lunch I had 4 chicken wings with half a family sized greek salad from the Deli.
For dinner I had a chicken wrap (leb bread).
I had 2 coffees today at work, half a pre-workout before gym, but I did not drink zero/max today, which is a success in my mind.
I also had half a protein powder shake after the gym.

Following up from my post on the 2nd, I didn’t follow my plans for dinner and over ate. I believe today shows that I am becoming more disciplined / attuned to the diet, so I am still on track if I keep pushing myself.

Tomorrow’s meals will be hopefully the same as today. Its 9:30pm, and while I feel hungry, I think its about time I felt that way.

I have set a new goal which is to be below 100kg for my flight to Japan. With 103kg for 24th (infected mushroom concert), and finally 99kg for 1st March. With this inmind, First things first, I need to lose 3 kg in just under 3 weeks. I can do this!