Update for 23/01/2020

Current weight: 103.2kg

Last weekend I went out drinking with friends. It cost me a couple days activities and a bunch of motivation. Luckily, several of my improvements have turned into habits so I didn’t relapse to bad. This being the case though, I have decided that I won’t go out drinking any time during Feb.

My target of 103kg kept me focused, and tomorrow is the deadline. I am on target, which is great!

In the next 4 weeks (feb) I am aiming to lose another 4kg. With the end goal of being under 100kg (anywhere in the 90’s). I am going to focus more on activites that involve full body movements, such as calisthenics and compound exercises at the gym. bike riding, squash and soccer.

This weekend I am going out Friday night to celebrate my success for the last month.