Update for 2/01/2020

Current weight: 104.5kg

Motivation is still high, given that is only the 2nd day of the year. I am currently 104.5kg, which is down from 106kg just a few days ago when I started this plan. I think I have performed the morning routine 3 times. I experienced DOMS (delayed on-set muscle soreness) after my first workout, so hopefully now that’s over and done with I can do my exercises everyday. Today I added 2 sections of jogging to the lunch run, hopefully to push that further each time.

I ate a banana, and drank a few glasses of water (with 6 fish oil tablets)
60 free weight squats across 5 sets.
4 sets of 30 second planks
4 sets of ball crunches (left / right / toes)
half a set of lunges (exhausted)
I also walked to the shops and back to get ingredients for a greek salad. All before 9am.
I had a flat white coffee when I got to work at 10am.

I did a 40 minute walk at lunch, and plan to walk again before dinner
Ate: Grilled chicken with Greek Salad

Dinner plans:
Tonight I plan to not have any pepsi/coke.
I want to try to walk / jog around Beaumanis Dr (~2km)
Eat left over curry or roast chicken
In bed by 11pm.