Update for 16/1/2020

Current weight: 104.2kg

Motivation wavered a bit today, but with some determination and planning it’s back on track. Planning my meals and ensuring I do as much exercise as possible helps keep me focused. I think if I missed a day, I’d struggle to get back on track. Hopefully I won’t need to.

My first two days of intermittent fasting is going well. I went for a walk today at lunch before eating my first meal, and went to the gym in the evening. I had roast lamb for lunch, and salad and grill chicken for dinner. I went to the gym after I ate, and had a protein shake when I got back. I also had a cold shower, fish oil tablets after lunch, and 2 glasses of water as soon as I woke up.

Tomorrow I’m going to wake up early and do my morning routine, I should have done it this morning, so I need to make extra sure I do it tomorrow. I am playing squash at lunch, followed by gym with AB focusing on legs. Meals will start at 1:30pm which will be grill chicken and salad, with 6 fish oil tablets. I’ll take Jas out for dinner as its Friday, but I will keep the meal light, as I only have a week left before my goal of 103kg.

This weekend I am planning to climb the sand dunes in Green Hills from 8am on Saturday, and soccer at 9am on Sunday. I will do a light gym session on both days in the early afternoon focusing on upper body. I will be meal prepping Saturday morning for the weekend, and meal prepping for the following week on Sunday.

To speed up my weight loss, next week (including this weekend) I plan to have a full day fast on Tuesday. I also plan to walk 50km, or 7.1km per day. I also would like to gym every evening. Squash on Tuesday and Friday. With Friday night being the concert and the rest I earned.