Update for 15/1/2020

Current weight: 104.2kg

Monday I went for a walk at lunch, and went to the gym after work. I ate a banana for breakfast, salad and beef patties for lunch, and slow cooked lamb for dinner.

Tuesday (Yesterday) I played squash at lunch, and went the gym in the evening with Jas. I had slow cooked lamb for lunch and 2 chicken patties with a large green salad for dinner.

Today, I am going to try intermittent fasting with an 6 hour eating window. I won’t eat until after my walk, so around 2pm, with my first meal being the slow cooked lamb, then I have my fish oil tablets. After the gym at around 7, I’ll have a protein shake followed by dinner, which will be the chicken patties and salad. Once 8pm comes, I won’t eat again till 2pm the next day.

This should hopefully speed up my weight loss to ensure I can make 103kg for the 24/1.