Update for 11/1/2019

Current weight: 105.2kg

Yesterday I had a good day. I did my morning routine, squash at lunch and gym in the evening. My meals were half an avocado for breakfast, chicken wings and Greek salad for lunch, and San choy bow for dinner. The only naughty thing I did do was to duck out for an ice-cream come with my wife.

Today I woke up around 9am, I had half an avocado for breakfast. Then I did my morning routine. At lunch I had chicken and salad and a puff pastery. I completed a bunch of work around the house and went for a short bike ride. I did have a Pepsi which was my only caffeine for the day. I plan to take Jas out for dinner tonight.

Next week I plan to gym Mon, Wed, and Fri. I am continuing to do my morning routines most days, with a new and improved technique for planking. I still plan to avoid drinking our staying out late until the 24th. Ive got about 2 more weeks for 2 more kg.. I need to keep on eating less and lifting weights and I should get there.