Snowboarding trip prep

I have 2 months to prepare for a trip to Japan. I am incredibly out of shape, and need to focus on some weight loss, leg strength and improving my balance.

To do this I will be keeping a blog of my food and exercise for the next 2 months leading up to the snow trip.

Keeping a diary is a good way to become aware of what you are eating, it trains you to think before you eat, and keeps you honest and aware of what you are doing.

I’d like to include 1 minor workout each morning, with just a few sets of legs and abs. With the goal of improving stamina in these areas. I will be doing 2-4 sets of squats, lungs, crunches and planks without weights. If I can start the day off with something easy like that it’ll set me up for success.

I would like to start jogging again but I think it’s more important that I spend as much time as reasonable walking, so I plan to include 40 minutes of walking each day, introducing some increasing amount of jogging as the weeks progress.

The largest component will be gym session in the afternoon. I only want to do this 2-3 times a week as I want to ensure my muscles have time to recover and I am able to perform the other minor activities, ideally this will increase to every day once I get into the swing of things but 2 times a week should be a minimum.

I am going to continue squash and drink more water, I think these minor things are important but harder to track as squash is relatively easy for me, and I don’t want to be in the business of tracking ever drink I have.

I am also going to cut down diet drinks to 1 per day in jan and non in Feb. This will be the biggest struggle for me but it’s a stretch goal that will make a massive difference if I can achieve it.