Crowd sourcing

This website was broken up into two parts, the brochure site, and the app which allowed registration and data collection. The brochure site has a simple Instagram feed as well as a interesting art style which made spacing everything nicely a challenge.

The app had to be able to handle a large capacity as we were sure if it would take off. I used several techniques to achieve this, but since the site is fairly smallĀ I didn’t need to go overboard. I made heavy use of FOSUserBundle for the user registration / profile management. I also spent a great deal of time on UI enhancements to make it easier to fill out / easier to understand. I did some one on one testing / tweeking. I used twitter bootstrap and ensured the app would work nicely on mobile.

I also implemented some selenium testing. The site was delivered in around 4-5 weeks, and has a heavy level of polish.