Update for 23/01/2020

Current weight: 103.2kg

Last weekend I went out drinking with friends. It cost me a couple days activities and a bunch of motivation. Luckily, several of my improvements have turned into habits so I didn’t relapse to bad. This being the case though, I have decided that I won’t go out drinking any time during Feb.

My target of 103kg kept me focused, and tomorrow is the deadline. I am on target, which is great!

In the next 4 weeks (feb) I am aiming to lose another 4kg. With the end goal of being under 100kg (anywhere in the 90’s). I am going to focus more on activites that involve full body movements, such as calisthenics and compound exercises at the gym. bike riding, squash and soccer.

This weekend I am going out Friday night to celebrate my success for the last month.

Update for 16/1/2020

Current weight: 104.2kg

Motivation wavered a bit today, but with some determination and planning it’s back on track. Planning my meals and ensuring I do as much exercise as possible helps keep me focused. I think if I missed a day, I’d struggle to get back on track. Hopefully I won’t need to.

My first two days of intermittent fasting is going well. I went for a walk today at lunch before eating my first meal, and went to the gym in the evening. I had roast lamb for lunch, and salad and grill chicken for dinner. I went to the gym after I ate, and had a protein shake when I got back. I also had a cold shower, fish oil tablets after lunch, and 2 glasses of water as soon as I woke up.

Tomorrow I’m going to wake up early and do my morning routine, I should have done it this morning, so I need to make extra sure I do it tomorrow. I am playing squash at lunch, followed by gym with AB focusing on legs. Meals will start at 1:30pm which will be grill chicken and salad, with 6 fish oil tablets. I’ll take Jas out for dinner as its Friday, but I will keep the meal light, as I only have a week left before my goal of 103kg.

This weekend I am planning to climb the sand dunes in Green Hills from 8am on Saturday, and soccer at 9am on Sunday. I will do a light gym session on both days in the early afternoon focusing on upper body. I will be meal prepping Saturday morning for the weekend, and meal prepping for the following week on Sunday.

To speed up my weight loss, next week (including this weekend) I plan to have a full day fast on Tuesday. I also plan to walk 50km, or 7.1km per day. I also would like to gym every evening. Squash on Tuesday and Friday. With Friday night being the concert and the rest I earned.

Update for 15/1/2020

Current weight: 104.2kg

Monday I went for a walk at lunch, and went to the gym after work. I ate a banana for breakfast, salad and beef patties for lunch, and slow cooked lamb for dinner.

Tuesday (Yesterday) I played squash at lunch, and went the gym in the evening with Jas. I had slow cooked lamb for lunch and 2 chicken patties with a large green salad for dinner.

Today, I am going to try intermittent fasting with an 6 hour eating window. I won’t eat until after my walk, so around 2pm, with my first meal being the slow cooked lamb, then I have my fish oil tablets. After the gym at around 7, I’ll have a protein shake followed by dinner, which will be the chicken patties and salad. Once 8pm comes, I won’t eat again till 2pm the next day.

This should hopefully speed up my weight loss to ensure I can make 103kg for the 24/1.

Update for 12/1/2020

Current weight: 104.4kg

I am starting to settle into the routine. I am enjoying the different activities now, and am have less DOMS style soreness, mainly just fatigue, which is fine.

I adjusted the step counter on my watch down to 6k again, as I feel that is reasonable, as I will only get there if I do something during the day, and something is better than nothing.

I took Jas out for dinner last night. I managed to stay away from the worst of it, when I ordered a salmon with salad and veggies. I did have a glass of coke zero with dinner.

Today I woke up at 8:30, and played an hour of soccer. I am going to the gym with Jas at 11:30 for half an hour. I had a banana for breakfast. For lunch I had, 2 beef patties with mushrooms, onion, and salad with ranch dressing. Tonight I plan to make slow cooked lamb with veggies.

Update for 11/1/2019

Current weight: 105.2kg

Yesterday I had a good day. I did my morning routine, squash at lunch and gym in the evening. My meals were half an avocado for breakfast, chicken wings and Greek salad for lunch, and San choy bow for dinner. The only naughty thing I did do was to duck out for an ice-cream come with my wife.

Today I woke up around 9am, I had half an avocado for breakfast. Then I did my morning routine. At lunch I had chicken and salad and a puff pastery. I completed a bunch of work around the house and went for a short bike ride. I did have a Pepsi which was my only caffeine for the day. I plan to take Jas out for dinner tonight.

Next week I plan to gym Mon, Wed, and Fri. I am continuing to do my morning routines most days, with a new and improved technique for planking. I still plan to avoid drinking our staying out late until the 24th. Ive got about 2 more weeks for 2 more kg.. I need to keep on eating less and lifting weights and I should get there.

Update for 8/01/2020

Current weight: 105.5kg

Motivation is good today. I woke up at 7:30am and did my 30 minute routine, which primarily consisted of squats, planks, a few lunges and I tried a few back straightening exercises. I will prioritize those directly after my squats from tomorrow on. They look both incredibly difficult (burn calories) and might fix up my bad posture.

I kept to the similar food as yesterday. I cooked scrambled eggs for breakfast, which I shared with Jas. I ate Greek salad and chicken for lunch and a wrap for dinner.

I did have a Pepsi around lunch time, and 2 coffees throughout the day. I noticed last night that the per-workout I had before the gym made it difficult to sleep, so I’m going to avoid that going forward. I also snacked on a few m&ms after dinner (naughty me) .

I went for a walk to get my watches current goal of 6000 steps. I have set it to 10k now, so I don’t use it as an excuse to slack off.

I am a bit sore today, mainly in my chest after my first gym session yesterday. Legs are sore but good. I think I’m getting used to the morning routines + walking.

Plan for tomorrow is, morning routine, walk to the shops to buy a salad, walk at lunch (if its not raining), gym at night before dinner. Meals will be scrambled eggs for breakfast, greek salad and chicken wings for lunch and another wrap for dinner. I have a Pepsi Max in the fridge, which I will only reward myself with if I do those 3 exercises and keep to that diet.

Update for 7/01/2020

Current weight: 106kg

Motivation is growing again. I recently weighed myself and after a weekend of drinking, and eating poorly I ended up much higher than where I started. This has inspired me to be more disciplined. For me to reach my goals I need to remain focused on weekends, so for the next couple months, I wont be going out drinking or eating junk food.

Fitness is getting there. I road my mountain bike at lunch today, and was able to do 2 laps of the terrain park without feeling like I needed to die. I also went to the gym after work for the first time. Legs are feeling good, sore but good. I think the morning routines are working out after all, even with the lack of consistency. I want to continue doing them, every day from now on. Gym sessions will be Mondays and Thursdays, after this week.

This morning I had 2 large glasses of water, with 6 fish oil tablets.
For lunch I had 4 chicken wings with half a family sized greek salad from the Deli.
For dinner I had a chicken wrap (leb bread).
I had 2 coffees today at work, half a pre-workout before gym, but I did not drink zero/max today, which is a success in my mind.
I also had half a protein powder shake after the gym.

Following up from my post on the 2nd, I didn’t follow my plans for dinner and over ate. I believe today shows that I am becoming more disciplined / attuned to the diet, so I am still on track if I keep pushing myself.

Tomorrow’s meals will be hopefully the same as today. Its 9:30pm, and while I feel hungry, I think its about time I felt that way.

I have set a new goal which is to be below 100kg for my flight to Japan. With 103kg for 24th (infected mushroom concert), and finally 99kg for 1st March. With this inmind, First things first, I need to lose 3 kg in just under 3 weeks. I can do this!

Update for 2/01/2020

Current weight: 104.5kg

Motivation is still high, given that is only the 2nd day of the year. I am currently 104.5kg, which is down from 106kg just a few days ago when I started this plan. I think I have performed the morning routine 3 times. I experienced DOMS (delayed on-set muscle soreness) after my first workout, so hopefully now that’s over and done with I can do my exercises everyday. Today I added 2 sections of jogging to the lunch run, hopefully to push that further each time.

I ate a banana, and drank a few glasses of water (with 6 fish oil tablets)
60 free weight squats across 5 sets.
4 sets of 30 second planks
4 sets of ball crunches (left / right / toes)
half a set of lunges (exhausted)
I also walked to the shops and back to get ingredients for a greek salad. All before 9am.
I had a flat white coffee when I got to work at 10am.

I did a 40 minute walk at lunch, and plan to walk again before dinner
Ate: Grilled chicken with Greek Salad

Dinner plans:
Tonight I plan to not have any pepsi/coke.
I want to try to walk / jog around Beaumanis Dr (~2km)
Eat left over curry or roast chicken
In bed by 11pm.

Snowboarding trip prep

I have 2 months to prepare for a trip to Japan. I am incredibly out of shape, and need to focus on some weight loss, leg strength and improving my balance.

To do this I will be keeping a blog of my food and exercise for the next 2 months leading up to the snow trip.

Keeping a diary is a good way to become aware of what you are eating, it trains you to think before you eat, and keeps you honest and aware of what you are doing.

I’d like to include 1 minor workout each morning, with just a few sets of legs and abs. With the goal of improving stamina in these areas. I will be doing 2-4 sets of squats, lungs, crunches and planks without weights. If I can start the day off with something easy like that it’ll set me up for success.

I would like to start jogging again but I think it’s more important that I spend as much time as reasonable walking, so I plan to include 40 minutes of walking each day, introducing some increasing amount of jogging as the weeks progress.

The largest component will be gym session in the afternoon. I only want to do this 2-3 times a week as I want to ensure my muscles have time to recover and I am able to perform the other minor activities, ideally this will increase to every day once I get into the swing of things but 2 times a week should be a minimum.

I am going to continue squash and drink more water, I think these minor things are important but harder to track as squash is relatively easy for me, and I don’t want to be in the business of tracking ever drink I have.

I am also going to cut down diet drinks to 1 per day in jan and non in Feb. This will be the biggest struggle for me but it’s a stretch goal that will make a massive difference if I can achieve it.