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I worked on a short contract to build a tool for students manager their offers to university. The tool integrated with an enterprise student information system using SOAP. We hosted the state-less Symfony application on Azure using a CI/CD pipeline to allow the application to scale. The application makes use of VueJS and a number of other libraries to provide an application on a page style experience. The application also made use of Redis for a short term caching layer, which gave the application a significant performance boost.


This proposal admission system was a significant undertaking. It needed to replace a legacy system which had over 10 years of development. Due to the size of the application the source code needed to be managed in a formal, clean and easy to understand format. Following Symfony concepts we were able to build a secure, reliable and fast system.

Crowd sourcing round two

The feather map project was based off the success of the plastics project, and therefore had a similar design. The only interesting things to note from this design was the borders around the nav items. Due to the transparent background and the gap at the top (between the icon and the border) I had to use svg. I used raphaeljs as a polyfill for svg.

Crowd sourcing

This website was broken up into two parts, the brochure site, and the app which allowed registration and data collection. The brochure site has a simple Instagram feed as well as a interesting art style which made spacing everything nicely a challenge.

The app had to be able to handle a large capacity as we were sure if it would take off. I used several techniques to achieve this, but since the site is fairly small I didn’t need to go overboard. I made heavy use of FOSUserBundle for the user registration / profile management. I also spent a great deal of time on UI enhancements to make it easier to fill out / easier to understand. I did some one on one testing / tweeking. I used twitter bootstrap and ensured the app would work nicely on mobile.

I also implemented some selenium testing. The site was delivered in around 4-5 weeks, and has a heavy level of polish.

Mobile App

The Mobile app was built using Cordova in conjuction with AngularJS. I used the standard Bootstrap styling (to match the webapp). The app does some syncing with the api using https + passphrase. I colour the bar Green (if synced), Yellow (if out of sync, it checks for changes once ever 20 seconds), and Red if it failed to sync. It uses a local webSQL database to store the data on the device, this way the app can be closed, crashed, updated, or left unsynced for long periods of time and the data will persist. The app was deployed on 2x Samsung tablets. I had some really positive feedback from the business.

Brochure Site

Quick build one pager. I finally got to use raphael for the top and bottom margins (You always need something sexy in every web site no matter how small). I used bootstrap for grid layout, probably didn’t need too since there isn’t any responsiveness, but it could be extended to be mobile friendly in the future.


The registration site is a small / medium sized app. It was built using symfony2 with fosuserbundle. We used the external template which is super basic and twitter bootstrap to make the forms look a little nicer.


This site is a basic informational site, so the design is minimalist. It has some responsive elements where it fits the design. It is also designed to meet accessibility guidelines.


Event Website

For the site I used Oracle UCM. The site uses responsive CSS to make sure the site was super mobile friendly. The site was anticipated to be used by people on mobiles while visiting the structures.